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Our mission is to help transform others to become happier and more passionate about their lives, to contribute to their well-being, discover their full potential and find their confidence from within. Over the years, we have met many people who lack motivation in their work, find their lives mundane and feel like they are just going through the motions and surviving. Many try to fix their lives by changing their image, their jobs or their environment. But soon, they find themselves back to what it was like before. If not, they try to ignore the problems and hope it will go away or somehow get better on its own.

• Do you find yourself bored with life and living day-to-day with set routines and schedules?
• Are you feeling down often and find it difficult to get out of bed everyday?
• Do you feel like your relationships with others are not deep or lasting, which makes you feel lonely or sad?
• Are you overwhelmed with work and personal issues, and feel hopeless or lost?

Over our 1:1 or small group coaching sessions, we use a variation of psychometric tools, reflection exercises and questioning techniques to help one understand themselves better, deal with their challenges and remove blocks to their success. These may include the EQ Competency Profile, Enneagram Personality Profile, Barrets Personal Values, Resilience Index and others.

Our Coaching Series revolves around 4 Pillars to help us find Balance in our lives to achieve Success, build Resilience and experience more Joy in our lives. Why 4 Pillars? We stand on two legs so often, which gets tiring over time. When a storm comes our way, we can get blown off our feet even if we are strong. With that analogy, we may think that as long as we are physically, mentally and emotionally strong, then we can survive anything life gives us. But like a 3 legged stool, if one makes a sudden movement or faced with unexpected challenges, we can find ourselves floored or sinking again. Thus, focusing on our overall well-being is also important.

Learn to challenge and question your thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. What kind of thoughts do you have most times? Notice your state of mind and self-talk. What limiting beliefs do you have that keep you from being happy and fulfilled? Do you find yourself trying to make everything perfect, thinking that you are not good enough or that others will not love you if you are not? Do you have expectations of others and then feel disappointed or upset when they do not live up to what you want?

When we change our focus to gratitude, forgiveness as well as spreading love and kindness, we can then work through our emotional baggage. Do you know what triggers you? Are you able to recognize the way you think and react to these triggers? What techniques do you use to manage your emotions? Do you mask or suppress our emotions in public so as to be seen as more in control or more professional, but then “explode” when under stress? Have you been able to let go of past hurts and painful experiences?

It is important to feel good and look good from inside out. What is your overall health like? Do you eat and drink sensibly, have sufficient sleep as well as exercise regularly? Can you look at yourself in the mirror with love and acceptance? Examine your eating habits and diet to support healthier cells and learn to practise relaxation and meditation exercises to energize our bodies.

It is not about any specific religion, but knowing that there is something greater out there than ourselves. Do you know what motivates you? Do you get out of bed every morning excited and energized? What are your values, wants and needs, and how are they being met at work, at home or at play? Are you longing for approval or recognition from others? Spiritual awareness is about how we live our lives with a greater purpose, passion and direction.

Let us guide and help you to transform your thoughts, emotions and behaviors into energy that will work for you to become happier, more satisfied and find a new perspective towards your life experiences.

Administrative Details

Coach: Marion Nicole Teo.
For more information, please contact:
Singapore: (+65) 9777 2818
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